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Natural teak leg selection sofa

Enhance Your Living Room with Our Natural Teak Leg Selection Sofa

Experience the minimalist design of our natural teak leg selection sofa from Jepara, perfect for the living room and family. Crafted by skilled artisans from Jepara, our furniture promises internationally acclaimed craftsmanship quality delivered right to your doorstep.

Customize your sofa to your liking. From carvings, models, sizes, to finishing colors, adjust everything according to your preferences. Contact us directly or use WhatsApp for an easy custom request process.

Explore our catalog for other unique designs or request custom designs tailored just for you. Enjoy the easy ordering process, detailed progress updates, and exceptional packaging to ensure your furniture arrives in perfect condition.

From the legendary city of Jepara, we bring you furniture that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Don’t wait any longer, make your room stand out with MEBELOKA Furniture. Your satisfaction brings us happiness.


Details of Natural teak leg selection sofa

Sofa with natural teak leg selection from Jepara with a minimalist design has 3 seats for living rooms and family spaces. You can easily order it now through MEBELOKA Furniture. We guarantee our products, known by many as Jepara’s top-quality furniture producer with international recognition. Our furniture is crafted by hand (not by machines), making the results more artistic. Unlike in the past, now you can easily order furniture online without face-to-face interaction. However, you can also place orders directly through face-to-face meetings with our Mebeloka Furniture team in Jepara.

Details of the natural teak leg selection sofa:

  • Product name: Natural teak leg selection sofa
  • Wood: Teak
  • Customizable: Yes

    Customization of the natural teak leg selection sofa

    • For carvings, models, sizes, and even finishing colors, you can customize according to your preferences
    • You can make custom requests directly through face-to-face meetings or via WhatsApp.

    How to Order at MEBELOKA is super easy

    • If you prefer face-to-face, we would be happy if you visit us. If coming to the location is not possible, you can arrange face-to-face meetings at another location. For a faster option, our official WhatsApp consultation is the best solution
    • You can choose products from the catalog on the MEBELOKA website. You can also order with different designs/requests.
    • We will negotiate the price and processing time.
    • We will send periodic progress updates, or you can monitor directly on-site if necessary.
    • Once the product is finished, we will send detailed photos and/or videos for you to review before shipment.
    • We will package it carefully to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during transit.
    • You’re happy, we’re happy.

    How We Ship the natural teak leg selection sofa?

    • Local delivery (Expedition Truck/Pickup)
    • For international delivery, we will use (Container)
    • We will determine the courier to keep costs down and ensure a reliable experience.
    • Shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

    Best tips for the natural teak leg selection sofa

    • Protect it from sharp objects, fire, or colored liquids that can damage its original beauty.
    • Use microfiber cloth to clean furniture equipment
    • Follow the wood grain when wiping, it preserves the beauty of the grain.

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